Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Not too long ago Korey and I started talking about buying a new house. Probably because my sister and her husband were in the process of looking. We have a 3 bedroom house which was purchased by me before he and Hunter came along. And before we got two dogs. So I had plenty of room. That's how it happens though. I bought the house in October 2007, met him in November, and we were engaged by March 2008. By then I had two dogs. Big ones. We got married, he moved in and we got settled. July 2010 brought along Hunter in his own room. Then Korey quit his day job so he could work from home. He settled into our last bedroom which also holds my desk and the dog crates. And now it also holds the baby swing. Guests have to sleep on our sleeper sofa in the living room. We are cramped. But cozy. If we don't invite anyone over it's not because we don't love you but because we don't have anywhere to put you. Our kitchen table is even backed up into the corner and if 4 people sit there one has to squeeze around to the back. I digress.

With loan rates being so good we looked at refinancing but it wasn't ideal. We talked about moving. We prayed. Do we stay in McKinney? Or go somewhere else? Where do we ultimately want to be settled? Or do we get new floors? We had many conversations and weighed the pros and cons. When I first bought the house I knew that I would need to change the floors out and it was on my to-do list. But then along came a husband and a baby and other priorities took place. But don't think I haven't let Korey forget that I want them! I talk about them constantly. "Hey, look there's a sale going on!" I'm sure it irritates him to no end. I have even told him that's the only thing I want changed on the house. Nothing else. :)

After having numerous discussions about moving vs new floors we decided we didn't want to move yet so we would get new floors. HOORAY!! We got a recommendation from our realtor and started the process. Korey went to the store and picked out samples and even took measurements to them so we could have an idea of what it would cost. We tallied everything up and decided we could do it. A rep from the store came out the weekend before the ice storm hit to do the actual measurements. The next week because all of the metroplex was shut down we weren't surprised that we didn't receive an estimate. Then the next week came and nothing. I called. I got a voice mail. I left a message. Someone emailed us the estimate. It wasn't the right one. I called again and left a voice mail again. On a Saturday of all days because noone was answering the phone. Korey called, too. He was told that the owner had the estimates and would send them to us. 3 days later we got them over email. They were still wrong. When I say wrong they had the old measurements. Not the ones that the person who came out had measured. We were frustrated and disappointed. It had taken us 3 weeks just to get to that.

By this point there were rumors that my company was for sale. We have been in bankruptcy since September. The official news of the sale came and changed everything. We decided that we would have to put off floors again. Needless to say I'm in the process of looking for a new job. I have been with the company for 6 years. We revisited the question again about where to move. I expanded my job search beyond the metroplex. We would ultimately like to live around Austin even though I will go there wearing Maroon. But so far it looks like there are more job possibilities here for me. Obviously this post isn't about floors but about where God is leading us. And so we wait to see what happens next.