Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bath Time

This is Hunter's typical bath attitude. He does not like it at all! Thus, the need for a pacifier.

Grandma Time

Here is my mom with Hunter. She always finds an excuse to come by when she is out running errands. Hunter enjoys his time with Grandma!

One Month!!

This post is long overdue. This was taken on Hunter's one month birthday. He's rocking out in Aunt Corey's cute onesie!

I love being a mom!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daddy Time

Hunter is appreciating his time with his daddy after he got home from work.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Power Outage

Last night the power went out about 10pm-ish as I was feeding Hunter. Korey lit a candle for me while I continued to feed him. Obviously there was no AC and no fan on high to help cool things down. How did they do it back in the 1800s?

We took Hunter out of his long sleeved sleeper and stripped him down to just his diaper and put him to bed. I begin fervently praying for the power to come back on so that I wouldn't lose my frozen breast milk I'd slaved over producing. And I wondered if it would be weird to show up at my parent's house at midnight with breast milk to stick in her freezer.

Thankfully the power got restored about two hours later and the milk was saved!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hunter's Photo Session

Go to Tin Star Photos to see a preview of the newborn photos taken this week. They are so cute! And yes the drum is Korey's. He plays drums so we decided to put one in a pic as a prop. I had no idea Hunter would actually fit on top!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mommy's All Star

Ugh! This pic is upside down. Not sure why and not sure how to fix it on blogger.

Check out the wristband and the socks!

Me and Hunter

Random pic - So far the dogs have been good around Hunter. The most aggression we've seen is some growls. Here I am telling Camo "no" because she is emitting an occasional growl. Not sure if it's at me or him. Mostly they will lick him or sniff him.

Me and my baby!

Looks like he's hungry!

Love this photo!

Hunter and his Dad

Every night Korey reads to Hunter from a Bible story book. Here they are together. Hunter started out in the middle of his chest but then worked his way up Korey to where he was snuggling under his neck. Too cute!

Usually Hunter's legs are tucked up under him like a frog.
Kisses for daddy! Really he's just hungry.
Tiger Butt!
More time with his dad.

Hunter at Work

Korey finally has an assistant! Although he insists on taking his breaks!

Hunter All the Time

Side note - My camera has been confiscated by my husband so all the pics are downloaded on his computer. Thus, blogging will be sporadic as he is always on his computer. Right now he is mowing so I'm taking advantage of the time!

I love the pic of his mouth!

Check out the curled toes and how he kicks out his legs!
Two men and a dad and Korey changing Hunter's diaper.
Strong man!
So sweet! Hunter and his daddy asleep.

Styling in the pack and play.

So far Hunter is an easy baby! He only cries or fusses when he's hungry. He's got a big appetite and wants to eat all the time. Basically he's content all the time which is awesome! Oh but he doesn't like bath time or most of his diaper changes. We love this sweet boy!