Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hunter is Here!!

Hunter Richmond Scott
born on:
7/19/2010 at 7:52am
7lb 14 oz, 20.5 in

I went to the hospital that Monday morning and he was born just a few hours after I arrived via c-section. We had chosen a c-section due to the fact that we were told that he was big and I was small and my dr thought I would have trouble delivering him normally. Turns out that it was a good choice because the cord was wrapped around his neck and if I had tried to deliver him his heart rate would have dropped as the cord tightened and I would have had an emergency c-section.

Here we are in the OR. Please pardon my drug-induced "smile."

And here is Hunter with his eyes open. He is so cute! Check out those cheeks!
Here is his Nana holding him. This is Korey's mom.
This is my dad holding him. And yes he does have a scratch on his head. It's a hazard of his job.

My mom holding him. This is her and my dad's first grandchild!!

Petit fours provided by my sister in honor of Hunter!The three of us just before we left the hospital to head home.

Korey feeding Hunter a bottle of my milk.Hunter in his car seat about to head home. Notice his hands by his face...this is how he sleeps sometimes.
Me at home with my baby!
We are very excited, thrilled, and find it surreal that he is here with us. We love him very much!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby on the Brain

This is one of Korey's latest just-for-fun drawings. Wonder what he's thinking about??

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Things

These are the homemade/handmade gifts I've received for Hunter. Love them all!

Here are the letters my sister made. She mod podged paper over the letter cutouts and put ribbon on the back. She is nicknamed Martha Stewart in our family.

(I have no idea why this picture is flipped because it's fine in my files). This was from my friend Jayme. She calls it a minky. One of her clients made this and I absolutely love it! It has coordinating fabric on the back.

Embroidered burp cloths also made by one of Jayme's clients.
My SIL made these burp cloths by taking a towel attached to fabric. She used a sewing machine to do this-something I don't even own! These are too cute.

Here is the 3 different ones she gave me.

And a cute onesie made by the minky blanket maker....adorable!

38 Weeks Today!

Only one more week until he is here. And I promise there is only one baby in there!

Our Last Baby Shower - Animals and Outdoors

We had our last shower on July 3 and we had several family and friends come up for it. Again, it was held at my parent's house which was awesome because that was the second shower in a row they had held there AND their house is the best place to host parties.

This is on the back porch. Korey is holding our nephew Brandon. His brother and our SIL came up for the weekend.

The fabulous food! There were sliders, veggie/dip cups, chicken and pineapple skewers...
pb&j sandwiches for the kids (cut out like stars!) and chips and dip.

Here is the drink station. The blue stuff is blue koolaid mixed with ginger ale. Notice the tablecloth flapping? The wind was picking up due to the approaching storm.

The cute animal cutouts which I stole after the shower and we are going to put into Hunter's room.

All the gifts which eventually had to be moved inside once it started raining.

The happy couple! Plus one (not two like some people think). Sand buckets held the dips....

and the fruit.

Here is everyone eating outside. Thankfully, we were able to be outside for a couple of hours before the rain came.

One of the games we played which was guessing the baby food. You could taste it and smell it. I did horrible on this game.
Guess the chocolate bar melted into the diaper. I know my chocolate!
My SIL...
Fabian, the minister who married us, is testing out his chocolate knowledge.

The kids enjoyed the pool.

Becky, Fabian's wife and Christry sitting outside pre-rain.

And here are the clouds rolling in.

At this point the party had to be moved inside. Here is the dessert station in the kitchen.

The yummy cupcakes which my sister perfected!
The diaper cake my SIL made me.
Korey and I opening gifts.

My SIL loving on her son (our nephew) Brandon. Korey's brother Kevin is sitting behind them.
Korey and I opening more gifts.
We had a fabulous time and we're so grateful to our family and friends for their support! And thanks to my sister, my SIL, and friend Regina for putting together such an awesome shower.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family Baby Shower

Last weekend my aunt, cousin, and Michael's mom (see San Antonio wedding post) threw me a baby shower at my parent's house.

We borrowed the sign from the church shower!

The cake was delicious! My hubby finished off the leftovers.
The kitchen table setting.

The baby bathtub filled with drinks.

The dining room table filled with food.
The fruit baby carriage my dad carved for the shower.

The tulip centerpiece.

The cute veggie and dip cups. These would be great at a stand-around cocktail party. Not that I ever attend any.

The entrance table in the foyer.

Some of my family watching me open gifts. Check out the cute diaper cake!

My mom opening her grandma gift.
Me and my sister!
The "flowers" are rolled up booty socks! Too cute.
Me and my mom.

The cousin Sherry, Carolyn, my aunt Shirley, and my mom.
Thank you everyone for an awesome shower!