Friday, April 22, 2011


Korey and I took a quick trip to Austin because his mom was going to be at a crafts fair in Warrenton. She described it as a mini Canton but not having been to Canton in years I thought it was HUGE!

This is Hunter in his makeshift highchair which consists of the bumbo in a chair in our hotel room. Sans shirt of course because bibs are pointless at his age.

Chilling on the hotel bed.

Korey's brother from another mother (aka his friend he grew up with) lives in Pflugerville so we went to their house one night for dinner and Hunter played with his daughter Carolina.

Here is Javier with his two "kids". Check out his hair. That's where Carolina gets her locks from. By this point I think it was 10pm so Hunter was more than ready to go to bed thus the unhappy face.

The craft fair in Warrenton. It went on for miles. We didn't even attempt to see everything.

Here is everyone taking a break. Judy drove up with her friend Barbara and they are all enjoying floats in the shade.

Hunter was rocking the straw hat in one of the antique booths. As you can tell from my glistening face it was hot.

On the way out of town we decided to take a risk, enter a noisy restaurant with Hunter, and sit down and eat. He made it and did fantastic! I fed him his solids while we waited for food. It was so loud in there I was literally yelling my order to the waitress. There was a lady who was doing balloon animals so she made Hunter a monkey. The big green thing in front of him is the Tiny it! Best thing for eating out.

9 Months

Can't believe we are 3 months away from whole milk! Woohoo it will be a pay raise for us!

I've started putting Hunter in the laundry basket while I'm getting ready since he is now banned from the bed. He almost rolled off the other day!

He's figured out that he can try to pull up on the edges of the basket and this morning I turned around and found he had pulled all the way up. These baby times are over. :(

He's absolutely adorable all of the time. :)