Sunday, July 26, 2009

Decorating Madness!!

Last week I was at Target doing my normal grocery shopping and as I was looking for decorations for my sister's upcoming lingerie shower I happened upon the curtain aisle. I don't have a single curtain in my house except for the valance my sister hung up in her room when she lived here. I'm just simple like that. None in the bedroom or the living room or even the kitchen. But I got inspired to finally add some curtains to my house. And while adding curtains to every room is expensive the bedroom is done and the kitchen is a work-in-progress. Our bonus purchase was slipcovers for our BLUE couches. No more blue!!

Here are the before pics of our bedroom windows. I had also found curtain rods among our garage sale stuff so I ended up using those.

My parents came over to help. My mom ran away from the camera when I took a pic. My dad was outside at the time sawing the curtain rods shorter since they were too long. He's handy like that. Korey was actually putting on the slipcovers while I was on curtain duty.

The finished product!!

Here's the before shot of one of our couches. They are comfy but old!

The finished product with the still blue pillows. I need to go find me some cute throw pillows.

And now I'm broke!!

Garage Sale Days

We held a garage sale at our house a couple of weeks ago. My sister and Frydaddy joined in so they could make room for all their new wedding gifts. Here's what happened during the downtime.

My sister was spotted asleep under the sombrero at one point in the morning. Slacker!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CPA Exam Test Center Req's

CPA Exam testing requirements upon arrival: 2 forms of govt issued ID, web cam pic, right index fingerprint, belongings put in a locker, watch removed, and front pockets turned inside out. Then 4.5 hours of testing with a camera overhead watching my every move. Why do I feel like this mimics an episode of "Jail?"

And I have to do this numerous more times!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th In Austin

For the July 4th weekend we went to Austin to celebrate Korey's friend, Javier, and his bride Esme's wedding. Here they are at Le Condesa. We ate Mexican food that was considered coastal. Except for the ceviche (like sushi) it was delicious!!

Here is the happy couple cutting their cake.

Doing the traditional thing...
We spent July 4th day celebrating their wedding all day long. We ended the night at Mighty Fine burger where they have a hand sanitizing system that Korey is trying out. I am a firm believer in hand sanitation but not of this kind!

We stayed at a super-cool hotel that Korey found a deal online. Here we are goofing off. Note the TV in the background.

And here is Korey showing off the 42 inch plasma HDTV that was in our room. It was awesome!! You could see this thing from anywhere in the room.

On Sunday morning we met for brunch at Central Market. Korey ate his breakfast, then finished mine, then ate some of Javier's. Ugh!

Here is a pic of the intellectual highlight of my trip. Meet Patricia and Max, husband and wife. Patricia (Javier's sister) is an anti-trust lawyer with the Federal Trade Commission in D.C. and Max is a law professor at a university. I'm sure they got annoyed with all of my questions. But they did introduce me to REI the outdoor store which was really neat. Oh and Max is training for a 100 mile marathon. Yep, that's right. I didn't even know they existed!

Awww...the happy couple.

After brunch and REI we ventured off to Barton Springs to swim. It was so stinking hot in Austin that it was a welcome break from the heat.

After Barton Springs we went down the street to Chuy's for drinks and food. Javier and Korey grew up together so here they are showing how comfortable they are around each other.
Cooling off under the fans and A/C at Chuy's...

Mucho fun in Austin!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Me and the Hubby

Here we are at a friend's wedding in May...check out the scruff he's been sporting in this hot weather!

Proud of my Hubby!!!

Here is Korey's latest published book that he did the artwork for. He started this book last year and we finally got a copy of it!! The book was published by a Korean publisher and it's actually for Korean students so they can learn English. All of the words were in English but the cassette tape that came with it had English and Korean on it so the kids could follow along. I think that's why it took so long to get published due to the fact that it was international and the publisher had to get voicework done. But woohoo!! It's here and it looks awesome!

Peanut Butter Cookies

I never plan to bake. I'm typically a spontaneous baker unless I have an upcoming event that I have to bake for. Here is an impromptu moment in my kitchen. I decided to make peanut butter cookies when one of my dogs decided she wanted to share in the festivities.

I'm so mean to my dog to tease her like this! I don't think I put this piece there intentionally.

Happy Father's Day!

Ok yes this post is late but that's ok. That's what studying does to your life. Anyway...we spent Father's Day at my parent's house celebrating poolside. Here's a couple of pics to sum up the day...

How Hot Is It?

It's so hot that I found one of my dogs hiding out under the grill cover just to get some shade!

McKinney Farmer's Market

Last weekend I walked down to the local farmer's market with money stuffed in a sock and one of my dogs on a leash. I got there right as people were packing up but I did get to buy some tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and this beautiful hydrangea flower. You should go! They sell fruit, veggies, herb plants (which was my purchase recently), homemade dog biscuits, flowers, and there is a dairy truck that has cheese and yogurt.

Here is Harley after we got home, poor thing. It was so hot outside! And it wasn't even noon when we went.