Sunday, July 26, 2009

Decorating Madness!!

Last week I was at Target doing my normal grocery shopping and as I was looking for decorations for my sister's upcoming lingerie shower I happened upon the curtain aisle. I don't have a single curtain in my house except for the valance my sister hung up in her room when she lived here. I'm just simple like that. None in the bedroom or the living room or even the kitchen. But I got inspired to finally add some curtains to my house. And while adding curtains to every room is expensive the bedroom is done and the kitchen is a work-in-progress. Our bonus purchase was slipcovers for our BLUE couches. No more blue!!

Here are the before pics of our bedroom windows. I had also found curtain rods among our garage sale stuff so I ended up using those.

My parents came over to help. My mom ran away from the camera when I took a pic. My dad was outside at the time sawing the curtain rods shorter since they were too long. He's handy like that. Korey was actually putting on the slipcovers while I was on curtain duty.

The finished product!!

Here's the before shot of one of our couches. They are comfy but old!

The finished product with the still blue pillows. I need to go find me some cute throw pillows.

And now I'm broke!!

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