Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hot Pink and Zebra Stripes Lingerie Shower

I've been crazy busy with my sister's upcoming wedding. I helped host a bridal shower in July and then this past weekend I hosted her lingerie shower. I found invitations online and then my hubby designed decorations for me. It all began when I said I needed to include a card with her sizes on it with the invitation. I thought about making an underwear shape out of scrap paper and then I figured he could try to draw something on his computer. He got to work. Then he impressed me so much with his skillz that I told him other things that I wanted and he impressed me even more. He has mad skillz!!!

For all of you BFG readers, I've noticed that there is always a name sign at the baby showers hanging up over the mantle. Since I don't have access to a cricut machine I took this idea and had him make it based upon the underwear shape he originally drew. I told him I wanted each underwear shape to have one letter of her name on it then he added the zebra stripes in the background. I hole-punched each card and strung ribbon through it to hang it up. I thought it was fabulous!!

Here is a closeup of one of the letters.

I love the detail!
Here is the full sign hung over the mantle.

I had found hot pink martini glasses so I decided to make my own "wine charms." Except we didn't drink wine out of these! I had him make a small version of the zebra underwear and we typed each girl's name on it and then I hole-punched it and tied ribbon through it to attach it to the glass. Then each girl knew which glass was hers and they had a personalized label.
Here's a closeup of the glass with the label attached.

I'm so proud of my hubby and his fabulous skillz. I'm thinking we should market his lingerie shower designs!!

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