Monday, August 10, 2009

5 Ingredient Dinner

We had this for dinner but it would also make a great lunch. I would like to thank Paula Deen for her contribution to cooking because she created this simple recipe. Let's just pause for a moment before we dig in...

Here are the ingredients. Only 5!! We have tortillas (I chose wheat because I try to sneak in healthy stuff when I can), shredded parmesan cheese, caeasr dressing (again the healthy version), lettuce, and rotisserie chicken. What you can't see is that the chicken has already been nibbled on because I have a meat-loving husband. See previous day's post for proof.

Here is the recipe in Paula's recent magazine for those of you who want to see it.
Here's a better pic of the end result...chicken casear salad wraps.

Have your meat-loving husband tear the chicken into pieces while you mix together lettuce, dressing, and the cheese. There are measurements in her recipe but you can do it to taste. You could also add in extras like croutons or substitue Ranch dressing for the caesar.
Here's the mixing stage of all the ingredients minus the tortillas.
Fold it into the tortillas, slice in half, and voila you're done! Easy and fast!

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