Monday, August 17, 2009


I made two significant changes to my life over the weekend. Not super significant in some people's terms but significant to me.

1. I signed up for Boot Camp which meets 3 times a week at 5:30am at the church. The first class was this morning. I started getting nauseous with 20 minutes left but I made it. Next time I'll eat breakfast! I signed up because I've been getting bored at the gym and it's so easy not to push yourself but just to do a mediocre workout. Let me just say that the ladies in the class at BC look awesome! The instructor is great. Even though he is an ex-Marine he is very encouraging and doesn't call you out if you're cheating. That's just their motto. Check out their website at

2. I now have a new part-time job or whatever hours I want to work. I am officially a Mary Kay consultant. I did this for two reasons: I love makeup and my day job has been very unstable for a long time. So much so that everyone's position at my office is up in the air. This is due to the fact that the business has been struggling for awhile and the effects are getting rougher. Korey supports me in this new endeavor so that's been great. For all two of you (haha) that read this blog, know that I'd love to pamper you with no obligations attached! Please let me know if you'd be interesting in letting me introduce Mary Kay to you. I have found so far that everything is high quality and very reasonably priced. Now ladies, who can resist some pampering time?! You can visit my website at

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