Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eight Months

I was trying to catch Hunter sleeping on his side. He looked so sweet but the pic doesn't do it justice.

He also broke in to his Daddy's hair gel. His shirt says Born to be Wild. Hee hee.
He's had some serious teeth coming in these days. He's had a runny nose for 3 weeks and he drools like crazy because his top two teeth are coming in. He already has four on the bottom. One night he woke us up right before midnight crying. It's so rare for him to wake up in the middle of the night because he sleeps like a champ. I had to go get him and rock him and it was just such a sweet time to be rocking my baby I made Korey take a picture. I've found that the trick to calm him down is sing "Jesus Loves Me" to him. He will stop fussing and look at me and smile. Melts my heart!

Without the flash.
While I'm getting ready he hangs out in our bed in the mornings. You can see his four teeth on the bottom.
Hey Ladies!

These last ones were taken on his actual eight month birthday - today! He's checking out our light fixture over the kitchen table. My dad is an electrician. Maybe it's in his blood, too.

And finally my dad is holding him after we finished dinner. He doesn't know how to sit still haha.

My Birthday

For my birthday I took the day off of work and we took Hunter to Celebration park in Allen to have a picnic. It was super cold in the shade and windy but we had fun. The weather was beautiful!

We put Hunter in the swing for his first time and he didn't like it at first.

But then he calmed down and just stared down the whole time.

Here we are under the shade trying to stay warm and eat at the same time.
Korey looks so super agent sitting with Hunter.

That night we took Hunter to my sister's and went to Whiskey Cake. It was delicious! But a little loud in the restaurant. We're becoming old like that. My sister took these pics of us after we got back so we could have a family photo.

As is my tradition I like to make my birthday stretch out over several days. Since the actual day was Thursday and I was out of the office I got a cake at work on Friday and then on Saturday we went to my parents house and celebrated.
I got tulips (my fave) and these super-large, yummy cupcakes!

Not sure what Hunter's face is but I wanted to show him holding the ball.

Little man already has four teeth on the bottom so he is a drool machine. I never think to get him a bib to wear.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Seven Months

Eeeeeekkkk!! It's going by way too fast. If you had told me when he was a newborn that he'd be trying to feed himself and splashing in the bathtub I wouldn't have believed you.

He's officially a sitter! He still teeters some but I can now sit him up in the bathtub and he splashes away. He loves, loves, loves bananas and applesauce and hates the homemade green beans I made (I used the steamer kind) because he sticks his tongue out and makes a gagging/choking face. And his face shrivels up like a bitter beer face. The boy now has 4 teeth! 4! They are all on the bottom. He loves watching the dogs play while he's in the high chair and reaches out to try to pet them. We are teaching him how to nicely pet the dogs. He knows how to scream in a shrill voice when he's ready to get out of the high chair or be held in general. Not that we ever give in, haha. Ok we do. He's just so cute. I stopped swaddling him mostly because he outgrew the swaddle. Lately we've been noticing that he's trying to do a fish face where you suck in your lips, probably because his momma does it to entertain him. And he's been turning his tongue sideways. Not sure if he's trying to curl it up but I know I don't have that gene. Oh and he can click his tongue, too. And he HATES the stroller. Help! He hated the carseat at first so I'm hoping this is just a phase because whenever we go anywhere we have to carry him in. He just cries whenever he's in the stroller. Haven't figured out what it is about it he doesn't like.

Morning time with Daddy before we went to work.

Whenever we drive from Houston back to home on 45 we stop at Bucky's. It's the best gas station ever! We got him a t-shirt before he was born when we knew we were having a boy. We're redneck like that.
A pic from February where he's holding the card his Nana gave him.

Cirque de Soleil - Ovo

For Christmas Korey and I won tickets to Cirque de Soleil in the Right/Left game. The tickets weren't until Feb and so we got to go the day before Valentine's Day. The show was in Frisco. You probably saw the big tents in Frisco by IKEA.

These pics are backwards. This is before the show started and before I got told I wasn't allowed to use my camera. I have no pics of the show but you can check out their website to see what happens. Let me just say it was A-MAZING. The tricks and acrobatics they do are surreal. I was watching them and I kept saying, "No, no, no" like you would if you were about to see a person jump off a high building. But they don't listen to you and they do it anyway and with grace and finesse. They take the circus to a whole new level. I think our favorite act was the "ants" that spun these round discs on their feet and then they passed people around on their feet while they were laying down. In sync and without missing a beat. Incredible.

Before the show started and crammed into our tiny seats.
These were literally tents that had huge steel poles in the middle to support them. I can't imagine being on the crew that has to put these up and take them down for every show. They were stationed in a parking lot and they had driven huge nails/anchor things into the concrete to anchor the tent. The first thing I said when we walked up was where was the bathroom! But they had portable bathrooms. Not a port a potty but an actual bathroom trailer thing.

A random pic from December. We were in Pottery Barn Kids and I sat Hunter in one of their chairs. Too cute.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Blogs I Read

This blog keeps me grounded. I stumbled across this by accident and I still can't remember how I found it. But it makes me rethink my materialistic ways and attitudes and reminds me that this world is not about me, but God. And it reminds me that I should be doing something with my life. I talk to Korey about this blog alot. It's an American family with four kids who live in Haiti and they are making their life's work to minister to the poor and needy. The wife works with a ministry called Heartline that teaches women how to take care of and breastfeed their babies. Many women don't understand the basics of this and struggle to keep their children fed.

I'm hoping this blog will make me skinny.

This blog makes me laugh. And makes me want to cook all the time.

This blog is from someone real. She is a wife and a mom and doesn't write fluff about her life. Oh and she happens to be Beth Moore's daughter.

And this blog reminds me to budget when I'm at the grocery store. It IS possible!

Last, but not least, my newest discovery....this blog reminds me that Korey and I are normal!