Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Blogs I Read

This blog keeps me grounded. I stumbled across this by accident and I still can't remember how I found it. But it makes me rethink my materialistic ways and attitudes and reminds me that this world is not about me, but God. And it reminds me that I should be doing something with my life. I talk to Korey about this blog alot. It's an American family with four kids who live in Haiti and they are making their life's work to minister to the poor and needy. The wife works with a ministry called Heartline that teaches women how to take care of and breastfeed their babies. Many women don't understand the basics of this and struggle to keep their children fed.

I'm hoping this blog will make me skinny.

This blog makes me laugh. And makes me want to cook all the time.

This blog is from someone real. She is a wife and a mom and doesn't write fluff about her life. Oh and she happens to be Beth Moore's daughter.

And this blog reminds me to budget when I'm at the grocery store. It IS possible!

Last, but not least, my newest discovery....this blog reminds me that Korey and I are normal!

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