Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Birthday

For my birthday I took the day off of work and we took Hunter to Celebration park in Allen to have a picnic. It was super cold in the shade and windy but we had fun. The weather was beautiful!

We put Hunter in the swing for his first time and he didn't like it at first.

But then he calmed down and just stared down the whole time.

Here we are under the shade trying to stay warm and eat at the same time.
Korey looks so super agent sitting with Hunter.

That night we took Hunter to my sister's and went to Whiskey Cake. It was delicious! But a little loud in the restaurant. We're becoming old like that. My sister took these pics of us after we got back so we could have a family photo.

As is my tradition I like to make my birthday stretch out over several days. Since the actual day was Thursday and I was out of the office I got a cake at work on Friday and then on Saturday we went to my parents house and celebrated.
I got tulips (my fave) and these super-large, yummy cupcakes!

Not sure what Hunter's face is but I wanted to show him holding the ball.

Little man already has four teeth on the bottom so he is a drool machine. I never think to get him a bib to wear.

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