Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eight Months

I was trying to catch Hunter sleeping on his side. He looked so sweet but the pic doesn't do it justice.

He also broke in to his Daddy's hair gel. His shirt says Born to be Wild. Hee hee.
He's had some serious teeth coming in these days. He's had a runny nose for 3 weeks and he drools like crazy because his top two teeth are coming in. He already has four on the bottom. One night he woke us up right before midnight crying. It's so rare for him to wake up in the middle of the night because he sleeps like a champ. I had to go get him and rock him and it was just such a sweet time to be rocking my baby I made Korey take a picture. I've found that the trick to calm him down is sing "Jesus Loves Me" to him. He will stop fussing and look at me and smile. Melts my heart!

Without the flash.
While I'm getting ready he hangs out in our bed in the mornings. You can see his four teeth on the bottom.
Hey Ladies!

These last ones were taken on his actual eight month birthday - today! He's checking out our light fixture over the kitchen table. My dad is an electrician. Maybe it's in his blood, too.

And finally my dad is holding him after we finished dinner. He doesn't know how to sit still haha.

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