Monday, March 7, 2011

Cirque de Soleil - Ovo

For Christmas Korey and I won tickets to Cirque de Soleil in the Right/Left game. The tickets weren't until Feb and so we got to go the day before Valentine's Day. The show was in Frisco. You probably saw the big tents in Frisco by IKEA.

These pics are backwards. This is before the show started and before I got told I wasn't allowed to use my camera. I have no pics of the show but you can check out their website to see what happens. Let me just say it was A-MAZING. The tricks and acrobatics they do are surreal. I was watching them and I kept saying, "No, no, no" like you would if you were about to see a person jump off a high building. But they don't listen to you and they do it anyway and with grace and finesse. They take the circus to a whole new level. I think our favorite act was the "ants" that spun these round discs on their feet and then they passed people around on their feet while they were laying down. In sync and without missing a beat. Incredible.

Before the show started and crammed into our tiny seats.
These were literally tents that had huge steel poles in the middle to support them. I can't imagine being on the crew that has to put these up and take them down for every show. They were stationed in a parking lot and they had driven huge nails/anchor things into the concrete to anchor the tent. The first thing I said when we walked up was where was the bathroom! But they had portable bathrooms. Not a port a potty but an actual bathroom trailer thing.

A random pic from December. We were in Pottery Barn Kids and I sat Hunter in one of their chairs. Too cute.

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