Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, my family comes over to our house where we all munch on appetizers and then head off together to the Christmas Eve service. This year since Hunter was sick I stayed home with him while my family went without me. :(

Here is my dad with Hunter.

While everyone was gone I decided that we should take some pics together. Easier said than done. Here he is posing in front of the presents under our tree.
After the Christmas Eve service we headed over to my parent's house where we ate. Here is my sister and her husband. They are always photogenic when they take a photo together.

Every year on Christmas Eve, "Santa" comes and brings everyone one gift each. Here is Hunter "enjoying" his gift from Santa.
"Santa" makes us play the Right-Left game. We each get a numbered bag with something in it and my mom reads a story with the words right and left in it and we have to pass it until the story is over. Korey and I ended up with tickets to a Cirque de Soleil performance! And we just happened to both get them in our bags once the game was over.

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brandonandmandycox said...

I hope Hunter is feeling better! I hate it when Andy is sick... not fun!