Sunday, January 2, 2011


Now that Hunter is here Korey wanted to start a tradition where he read the Christmas story to Hunter. So before we started opening presents on Christmas morning, Korey read while Hunter listened.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Me and Hunter on Christmas morning...our first Christmas with him! Note - I am in my pj's and Hunter is in his pj's.

Hunter got a red wagon which he was a little scared of when Korey pushed him around the house in it. (That's a dog kong by the wheel.)
At one of our baby showers we had gotten an activity center so we put that together, ok really Korey put it together while I watched, and set it out for Hunter.
Note - I am not in my pj's and I have showered and got my face on. Hunter is still in his pj's. I didn't anticipate him having a meltdown in the middle of Christmas morning so he had to be put down for a nap. Two hours later he reemerged as a happy baby and we proceeded with our Christmas morning!
I am showing him the drum that we got him. Since his dad knows how to play I thought it best if we started early with lessons. :)
Not sure if he was on the verge of being fussy or distracted by the toys.
This was taken at my mom's house. By this point I am stuffy and not feeling well. This is T-Minus 5 hours until THE FEVER hit me. Hunter is modeling a onesie that says "Baby's First Christmas" thanks to his Nana.
Our first Christmas as a family! The annual fireplace shot at my parent's house.
My parents with Hunter. Poor thing looks fussy. He and I were not feeling well.
My uncle and cousin also joined us but my camera battery died before I could take pics of them so imagine a pic of them here _________. Oh and my sister and her husband were there, too.
By 6pm I was running THE FEVER so we left. Korey packed everything up while I crawled into the car and two days later when I was looking at Hunter's toys I couldn't even remember some of the stuff he had gotten thanks to my delusional state. I spent Christmas night in bed with a raging cold and a horrible fever. At times I could barely breathe because I was so stuffed up and I was so upset that I was sick again that I just cried. It stinks being so sick you can't even take care of your baby.
Other than the sickness that has plagued us for the past two months we had a wonderful Christmas! It's so good to be with family and celebrate.

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