Sunday, January 23, 2011

6 Months

This is my favorite son! :) I can't believe it's already been 6 months. Sometimes it's hard to remember what he looked like as a baby and when Korey and I see pictures of him when he was smaller we can hardly believe it. He is changing every day it seems. I love every minute I get to spend with him.

Dear Hunter,

At 6 months your face lights up and you smile whenever you see either me or your dad. You love your stuffed monkey because he helps you go to sleep at night (thanks LD and Nanners) and you are moving away from the paci unless it's a really exhausting day. You scream in a very shrill, loud voice whenever you are tired. Thank goodness we have figured what that one means! You love playing with your feet and can even suck on your toes. Wonder if I ever was that flexible. You babble constantly and say da-da, blah-blah, and we are working on ma-ma. You are doing well with the solids you are eating although I think you are still getting the hang of the fact that the spoon needs to go in your mouth. Your bottom two teeth have already come in, too! You immediately calm down whenever someone plays patty-cake with you or reads you a story. You have already rolled over and we are working on helping you to sit on your own. You are even starting to notice the dogs and your eyes follow them around the room whenever they wrestle each other. I think I saw you smiling at Camo just this week. We love you very much and we're so proud to be your parents!

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