Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Off to Grandma's

We FINALLY made it to Houston to see Korey's family. We were FINALLY all well and healthy. Hunter's cousin Brandon was turning one so we decided to help him celebrate and enjoy a belated Christmas with Nana.

We had to stop halfway because little man needed a break from the car seat. Korey held him and he immediately grabbed the wheel. Uh oh.

We made it! While Nana and Miss Corey were at a baby shower we hung out at Kevin and Miss Corey's house. Here are the brothers and their babies. Brandon and Hunter are 6 months apart.

Dressed for the party!

Nana and Brandon rocking a shirt that goes with the theme "The Hungry Caterpillar." Miss Corey's dad read the book to all the kids during the party.

There were caterpillar hats for all the kids to wear.

Miss Corey totally rocked on all the homemade decorations since she is a teacher!
The caterpillar cake! She and her mom made cupcakes and made them into the shape of the caterpillar. The red head was Brandon's smash cake.

The Scott's who are well...for now!

Hunter and his da-da. Which he has started saying that over and over again. But I don't think he is associating it with Korey so Korey doesn't win. haha! I am working on ma-ma with him. :)

I got a break and Nana fed Hunter. with the whole smash cake thing. We never got to see him eat it because he just was not going to have it.
I jumped in to finish Hunter's bottle so Nana could watch Brandon eat his cake. Or not! So notice I'm wearing a scarf. Can't find the burp cloth? Just use the scarf! It came in very handy that day since there were a bunch of people in the house and I didn't have time to keep running for the diaper bag.

We spent the night at Nana's. Hunter is wearing the bib that we gave Korey's mom for Christmas last year as a way of telling her we were pregnant. Awww! No bibs this Christmas for the Grandma's!
Hunter seems to be on a solid strike right now. He will take a bottle but has regressed and is refusing to open his mouth for the spoon. He was doing fine before taking solids but not now. My whole family has tried. I've tried. So I made Korey try while we were in Houston. I've tried different foods too. We've tried to make him laugh. And get this...he will laugh but he's learned to laugh with his mouth CLOSED. He kind of just looks at me with a mad face sometimes. So much personality! Here he is pushing his lips out in a pucker because he does not want to open them for the spoon. Ugh. Once the food is in his mouth he will swallow it and doesn't spit it back out so I guess he is just being stubborn. I have no idea where he gets that trait from! :)

And I've just realized that I didn't take any pics of our quick little Christmas with his Nana. I even brought the Christmas onesie to put him in and I guess I didn't get pics of him wearing that. Oh well. Here is Hunter after a bath in one of the bath towels at Nana's house. Nothing like being at Grandma's!

You can see a video of him talking with his Nana on facebook. My mom and I have joked that when he goes to school the teacher will have a pre-written note that says, "Hunter was talking in class" that she is going to send home with him every day. It's non-stop!
You better believe that once Korey and I left the birthday party I started brainstorming about what Hunter's first birthday party theme should be and wear we should have it. There's only 6 months left until the big day! There is lots to do!

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