Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Time in the Pool

We spent Memorial Day at my parent's house for some R&R in their pool. We took Hunter so he could try out the water for the first time. He loved it!

I bought him this baby floaty at Walgreen's and we put him in it and he just kicked and kicked his feet in the water. The water was pretty cold when you first got in which we thought would make him fuss but he was fine.

Left turn....

Checking the traffic behind him...

Mommy and Hunter...

My mom bought him some floaties so we tried those out too. He kept trying to pull them off.

Here I am giving him his first swim lesson. He floated pretty well on his back, too, with help.

Korey took all the pictures so I forgot to take one of him holding him. Here's my dad holding him on the first step...which I gracefully fell off of! We voted on skipping his afternoon nap so he could stay outside but it became pretty clear he wasn't going to make it. He passed out fast for his nap.

Taco Neck

I turned around one night during dinner and found Hunter making what I call taco neck. I heard the phrase on the radio referring to a certain American Idol winner. He just pops his head over for no reason!

And this moment below was historic for Korey. He had made his homemade spaghetti sauce and I gave Hunter a bite and he loved it!

Chewing it up!

Dinner Hazards

I was letting Hunter eat puffs one night after his dinner and I turned around and discovered this:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 Months

Hunter is getting more and more independent every day. It's such a joy to watch him grow up!

Here he is with his dad. They are both cuties!

We're cheesing it up for the camera.

I'm not sure if I'd say he's officially crawling even though he can go about two steps before he gives up. He really would rather just pull up and stand. Some days I can't decide if I should work on crawling or his standing. Here he is trying to get his toy boat.

And deciding he was done crawling so he's on his stomach.

Such a cutie!

Now that he's pulling up he tries to pull up on everything! Including the fireplace which is scary. But we got a foam cover for that so we're prepared now. Check out the red mark on his forehead. That seems to be a permanent fixture these days because of his falling down and grinding his forehead into the carpet so he can get up again!

Dedication/Mother's Day

This year the May dedication at our church fell exactly on Mother's Day so it was a great excuse to get the whole family together. Korey's mom came up from Houston along with his brother and his wife and their son Brandon.

She sat in the rocking chair with Hunter so he could have his bottle....

...and Brandon, who she gets to see more than Hunter because of proximity, decided he was jealous of his Nana holding another grandson so he proceeded to hold out his arms so she had to pick him up. Poor Nana having to hold both of her grandbabies! We know she loved every minute!

That same day that they arrived we took the boys to the park so they could feed the ducks and play. Here is Hunter chilling in the swing.

And both boys taking a ride in the wagon. They were super content to ride along. It was such a pleasant time!

Me, Hunter and Korey before we went off to church that morning for Hunter's dedication.

This picture is dark but there we are on stage holding Hunter. He got squirmy and chatty after awhile but we made it!

After the dedication we went to my parent's house so we could all eat lunch together. Here are the two cousins hanging out together.

Nana and her two grandboys.

And finally the Scott's...Korey, his mom, and Kevin his brother and their two babies.

Hunter's Hot Rod

Lately we are finding out that we are having to do our best to contain this ever-growing independent child when he wants to be on the move and we need him still. So I simply stuck him in a diaper box one day and Korey ended up chauffering Hunter around the house in it. It became Hunter's Hot Rod and he was content to be pushed around the house in it, taking sharp turns around the couches, and arriving back safe and sound. It is currently parked in the living room ready to leave at a moment's notice. Rides are free for those who want to take a spin.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where are the Animals?

Korey recently finished a coloring book he got asked to do. You can personalize it with your child's name which is published on the front cover and scattered throughout the pages! I flipped through it today when he got it in the mail. It looks great!

It's only $5.95 available here.

Below is a picture from a book he just finished. I would show you what he's currently working on which looks fabulous but he has to wait until the book is finished. A picture like this takes him a whole day to complete, all done on the computer.