Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Time in the Pool

We spent Memorial Day at my parent's house for some R&R in their pool. We took Hunter so he could try out the water for the first time. He loved it!

I bought him this baby floaty at Walgreen's and we put him in it and he just kicked and kicked his feet in the water. The water was pretty cold when you first got in which we thought would make him fuss but he was fine.

Left turn....

Checking the traffic behind him...

Mommy and Hunter...

My mom bought him some floaties so we tried those out too. He kept trying to pull them off.

Here I am giving him his first swim lesson. He floated pretty well on his back, too, with help.

Korey took all the pictures so I forgot to take one of him holding him. Here's my dad holding him on the first step...which I gracefully fell off of! We voted on skipping his afternoon nap so he could stay outside but it became pretty clear he wasn't going to make it. He passed out fast for his nap.

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