Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dedication/Mother's Day

This year the May dedication at our church fell exactly on Mother's Day so it was a great excuse to get the whole family together. Korey's mom came up from Houston along with his brother and his wife and their son Brandon.

She sat in the rocking chair with Hunter so he could have his bottle....

...and Brandon, who she gets to see more than Hunter because of proximity, decided he was jealous of his Nana holding another grandson so he proceeded to hold out his arms so she had to pick him up. Poor Nana having to hold both of her grandbabies! We know she loved every minute!

That same day that they arrived we took the boys to the park so they could feed the ducks and play. Here is Hunter chilling in the swing.

And both boys taking a ride in the wagon. They were super content to ride along. It was such a pleasant time!

Me, Hunter and Korey before we went off to church that morning for Hunter's dedication.

This picture is dark but there we are on stage holding Hunter. He got squirmy and chatty after awhile but we made it!

After the dedication we went to my parent's house so we could all eat lunch together. Here are the two cousins hanging out together.

Nana and her two grandboys.

And finally the Scott's...Korey, his mom, and Kevin his brother and their two babies.

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