Monday, March 7, 2011

Seven Months

Eeeeeekkkk!! It's going by way too fast. If you had told me when he was a newborn that he'd be trying to feed himself and splashing in the bathtub I wouldn't have believed you.

He's officially a sitter! He still teeters some but I can now sit him up in the bathtub and he splashes away. He loves, loves, loves bananas and applesauce and hates the homemade green beans I made (I used the steamer kind) because he sticks his tongue out and makes a gagging/choking face. And his face shrivels up like a bitter beer face. The boy now has 4 teeth! 4! They are all on the bottom. He loves watching the dogs play while he's in the high chair and reaches out to try to pet them. We are teaching him how to nicely pet the dogs. He knows how to scream in a shrill voice when he's ready to get out of the high chair or be held in general. Not that we ever give in, haha. Ok we do. He's just so cute. I stopped swaddling him mostly because he outgrew the swaddle. Lately we've been noticing that he's trying to do a fish face where you suck in your lips, probably because his momma does it to entertain him. And he's been turning his tongue sideways. Not sure if he's trying to curl it up but I know I don't have that gene. Oh and he can click his tongue, too. And he HATES the stroller. Help! He hated the carseat at first so I'm hoping this is just a phase because whenever we go anywhere we have to carry him in. He just cries whenever he's in the stroller. Haven't figured out what it is about it he doesn't like.

Morning time with Daddy before we went to work.

Whenever we drive from Houston back to home on 45 we stop at Bucky's. It's the best gas station ever! We got him a t-shirt before he was born when we knew we were having a boy. We're redneck like that.
A pic from February where he's holding the card his Nana gave him.

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