Friday, August 14, 2009

Tuesday Night Lights

On Tuesday of this week we ventured off to The Shops at Legacy for a girlfriend's bday. We ate at Fireside Pies and then stopped by at Pacuigo and then sat around this fountain while the bday girl opened her gifts. Here's Korey...probably contemplating how awesome I am!

I took this one without the flash.
Me and my friend Janai (not the bday girl)

I've never been to Vegas but a friend said the fountain reminded them of the Belaggio's. As the fountain shot up water, the colors would change. We ran into some friends who live over there and their 1 yr old LOVED this fountain. FYI if you need a source of entertainment for your little ones.

In other news we have recently taught our dogs NOT to jump on the couch...and hang out there...and sleep there...and declare that the spot they are in is THEIR spot. I armed myself with treats one afternoon and 24 hours later Korey and I were amazed that they picked up on it so fast after we had let them get away with it for over a year. Of course, we still have random incidences where they think they just have to jump on the couch or they look at you with a puppy dog face and one paw on the couch, sweetly trying to convince you that they belong there. But overall, so far so good. I told my mom and she wanted to know if I could teach them not to lick her feet when she came over.

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