Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Wedding in San Antonio

At 35 weeks of pregnancy me, my hubby, and my parents drove down to San Antonio to attend a wedding. The groom is the son of my parents' high school friends. They have two sons who are the same age as me and my sis. We have known them forever and even gone on vacations with them.

At the dad and Korey.

This was an interesting setup since we faced them from the side. The reception was held at the Serengeti outside of Boerne, TX. Here is Korey talking to an ostrich.

A camel! There were also zebras on the property but they were off in the distance.

One of the table centerpieces.
Now let me just take a minute to address how HOT it was out there. The funny thing was it was cooler away from the covered pavilion where the reception was vs underneath it. Here is my HOT hubby!
My parents trying to stay cool.

By this point my hair was pulled up off my neck and my feet were incredibly swollen.

The reception pavilion.
Best wishes to Michael and Monika!

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