Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Things

These are the homemade/handmade gifts I've received for Hunter. Love them all!

Here are the letters my sister made. She mod podged paper over the letter cutouts and put ribbon on the back. She is nicknamed Martha Stewart in our family.

(I have no idea why this picture is flipped because it's fine in my files). This was from my friend Jayme. She calls it a minky. One of her clients made this and I absolutely love it! It has coordinating fabric on the back.

Embroidered burp cloths also made by one of Jayme's clients.
My SIL made these burp cloths by taking a towel attached to fabric. She used a sewing machine to do this-something I don't even own! These are too cute.

Here is the 3 different ones she gave me.

And a cute onesie made by the minky blanket maker....adorable!

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