Sunday, January 4, 2009

eHarmony Video

Korey and I were asked by eHarmony to make a video of ourselves telling how we are compatible. We have to send it in and maybe we can get considered for a commerical. Korey's former roommate Darren came over to film us. While we were watching what we had filmed Korey and I saw how opposite we really are. I thought I appeared boring and too serious and I thought he came across as the star of the show. Oh well! Even if we don't get considered we still have a video telling the story of how we came to be that we can show our kids one day.
After we finished filming we all went to dinner and then to Starbucks. This is Korey enjoying a salted caramel hot chocolate.

Darren and his wife Lindsay. Darren made the movie for us on his Mac.
Korey and Darren hard at work on editing our movie.

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