Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hunter is Two!

It's hard to believe it but my baby is actually 2 today!  How time flies.  I can definitely say that this age is very fun (despite the random bouts of crankiness).  Korey and I both agree.

Hunter is a little chatterbox now.  He is saying four word sentences now and if you give him something for a snack like strawberries he says, "Thank you strawberries."

His newest passion is basketball.  Every day he wants to play.  So last night after work I joined in an after-dinner game.  I scored the most 3 pointers!  And no we aren't playing on a full size court but we use one of those toddler-sized basketball goals.

We woke him up this morning with a donut and two candles in it.  He saw the candles and said, "candles" and smiled really big.  He took a small bite of the donut and he was done.  He is just not into breakfast or sweets at all.  Pictures to come!

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