Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Noone has tagged me but I just thought I would volunteer for those who might want to know.

1. I met my husband on Eharmony.
2. I have lived in China as a missionary.
3. I have lived in Thailand as a missionary
4. I honed my cooking skills while living in China when you couldn't buy anything premade in a package.
5. I love to cook and bake. I'm a fanatic!
6. I love Food Network, American Idol, and sometimes watch Biggest Loser and the Bachelor.
7. I have to have my morning coffee every day.
8. I'm currently studying for the CPA exam. It got put on hold last year when Korey came along.
9. I have two dogs. They are Lacy's and most people have never heard of that breed.
10. I like to make lists and cross stuff off. At work I have tons of post-it notes with stuff written on them about whatever I need to do.
11. I hate wearing shoes in the house. It comes from my days of living in China. When I was single I usually had a big pile of shoes by the door. I especially don't wear shoes in my bathroom, at least here in the US.
12. Speaking of bathrooms, I know how to go to the bathroom in a squatty potty which means you don't sit. See #2.
13. I'm an accountant but don't consider myself good at math.
14. I love to travel.
15. I should be studying for CPA right now.
16. I was a spelling bee champ in elementary school. Even now it's a pet peeve to see words misspelled.
17. I once tried to write a Christian fiction book. I wrote 20 pages.
18. I hate to drive but I love road trips if I'm not driving.
19. I was pre-med in college but got weeded out the first year.
20. My favorite color is red.
21. I would love to open my own coffee shop/bakery place.
22. I'm a night person and love my sleep in the mornings.
23. If I ever get the chance to adopt, my first choice will be a girl from China. With their one-child policy, boys are valued. Girls aren't most of the time.
24. My favorite Asian dish is Pad Thai.
25. I sing in my car while I'm driving.

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brandonandmandycox said...

I had no idea that you spent so much time overseas! Very interesting... :)