Friday, February 20, 2009

Places I Want to Go...

I love food and I've been wanting to go on a food field/road trip. Here's where and what I would get:

1. Jimmy's Food Store - I read that they have great Italian sandwiches. Plus, I could buy Italian cheeses and meats. And pizza dough so I don't have to make it. And homemade meatballs!
2. Lucky Layla Farms - This is a dairy farm in Plano. Here they sell cheese, butter, and yogurt. You can take your kids on a tour for only $2 for them and $3 for you. But why all the fuss over this place? Because Dean Fearing, former exec chef at The Mansion uses their products at his new restaurant. I figured it was worth checking out since I've never made it to The Mansion to eat. Plus, it's closer and cheaper!
3. Civello's Raviolismo - The root word here is ravioli. I read that their products are what's used in many local restaurants here in the metroplex. I figure their products would be better than any packaged ravioli I might buy.
4. Dallas Farmers Market - This is always a favorite place to go in the fall for me when the weather turns. But why not spring?

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