Monday, April 20, 2009

Hill Country Trip

(Yes, I'm supposed to be studying but a promise is a promise. Plus, I'm high on Benadryl for some allergies that I all of a sudden developed in my 30+ years so just go with it.)

For years I'd been wanting to go to Luckenbach (somehow we missed the turnoff on this trip) and climb Enchanted Rock. ER is near Fredericksburg. I had the chance a few years ago but I didn't take it. Thankfully I got to experience it with Korey!

See that big mound looming in the distance...we're going to climb that. It's like stairmaster to the worst extreme.

Here is Korey at the beginning of the trial. Looks like a walk in the park right...just wait.

Wait! That ant is getting smaller and smaller. And those trees look like dollhouse trees! What? What did you say? I can't hear you because the wind is SO LOUD. How did people ever climb Mt. Everest in the COLD?
Awww...relief from the wind. Now I can hear you because this side of the rock is causing the wind to break. Now I'll just take a minute to pose.

Korey don't do it! I still want to have babies with you mmm kay? Look what I have.. a Dr. Pepper. Just get down from there! (Again high on Benadryl am I).

Sweet relief! We made it to the top. Thanks for coming down from that ledge Korey. What? My hair is standing straight up? Well, you have a side mohawk. Must be that darn wind up here.
Look! A deer. Our prize view after we got back down. This pic is for my dad. Sorry I didn't have your gun with me or else I could have brought him home for ya. Or her. Yep, looks like a doe to me. Thanks Dad for teaching me that.
1 Corvette, 2 Corvette, 3 Corvette, 4...I guess that's what happens when a Corvette club comes into town. cool is this pic? After we spent several hours shopping amongst the crowds in Fredericksburg we escaped to the park.
Resting under God's protection and in Korey's.
Hey Cupcake! Can I have a cupcake? From your Airstream trailer in Austin? What flavor do you have? Mmm...cupcakes. Gimme another!
The gansta sign? I don't know either. Javier just because you were one of Korey's groomsmen doesn't mean you can have this kind of influence on him!
Did somebody say Free? Like for real free? Or I have to pay for it free? Free fo' real free? Sweet! So all I have to do is take a ride in the Toyota Scion (is that what it was?) and you'll give me a $15 gift certificate to Waterloo Records? Sign me up! Because I know that Adele the British jazzy singer really wanted to sing to us on our roadtrip back home.

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