Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is my Life Right Now...

I do have pics to post on our blog. We went to Fredericksburg and Kerrville a couple of weeks ago. We had fun. I climbed a rock. So I do want to tell you about it. But for now this book has gotten in the way. But look at the pretty pink tabs! I don't consider myself an academia person but God has decided my brain needs a few more wrinkles so I spend my free time studying for the CPA exam. I started on it last year but a certain someone came along and decided I was THE ONE. Since that was more fun than CPA I decided to go along with his idea. As a result he lets me sit at his really tall art desk to study. He's so nice. I've pretty much taken it over.
Here are Korey and the dogs not studying. Having fun, yes they are. What's that like? I forget.

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Rutro76 said...

Hey do you remember like 10 years ago me and Kristin planning weddings and studying for the CPA exam? You didn't want to follow in our footsteps????