Sunday, May 24, 2009

Frisco Rough Riders

Korey and I attended a Frisco Rough Riders game for Paint the Ballpark Blue night. We got free tickets with the purchase of ours so we invited our friends Fabian and Becky to join us. Fabian was our wedding minister and we hadn't seen him and Becky since November!

Here is my sis and Frydaddy. It seems like every pic I take of him he's always making a crazy face.

Oh wait maybe he's rubbing off on my sister now.
My sister likes to label people.

Apparently the crazy faces are rubbing off on Korey and Fabian.

Korey and Fabian got picked to do a skit in between innings. I snuck down to the first row by the dugout to wait for him to go on the field. Meanwhile this was happening...
Did you know there is a bathroom in the dugout?? I didn't either but apparently I could see right into the bathroom door when they opened it so I had to change my view.

Here they are lined up at the starting line. Korey is in the dark blue shirt and Fabian is in the lighter blue shirt in the middle. The guy in the white is the enemy.

Apparently riding a horse is not the easiest thing to do.

Korey tried to take out the guy in the white but he missed and the enemy won. Fabian came in last but that's ok because they had fun and Becky and I had fun watching them.