Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day my cousins and aunt and uncle joined us at my parent's house for a pool party and a cookout. While the pool babysat the kids the men played horseshoes in the yard.

Here's my sis and that crazy-faced guy she's going to marry.
The ladies sat and talked. This is my cousin, my mom, and my aunt.

And the kids. They had no fear. Who knew that the hot tub could be used as a diving board?? Needless to say I was too intimidated to venture in with 7 kids in the pool. I really don't like splashing!
This is my cousin Samuel taking the plunge.

My cousin Brady following suit.

Shelton and Brady...

Ava and Samuel...

My uncle and hubby playing horseshoes.

My cousin Ronnie.

All the kids jumped in at once on the count of 3.

We had them do it twice for the sake of the photographer!

After we ate we celebrated the twin's bdays (Ava and Brady).

Here's Brady with his dad.
Here is my dad playing some kind of baseball type game with one of my older cousins.
He likes to tease. His shirt stands for Skeeter Performance Fishing Boats.
And bday candles to blow out!
Me and my hubby still dry because we all got in the hot tub after everyone left.

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