Sunday, October 4, 2009

$1 Can of Spray Paint

I am not Martha Stewart nor do I claim to have any of her blood. My sister, however, does. When it comes to decorating I'm always asking her for advice. My mom, too. Recently I've been inspired my She decorates on a budget but everything is so cute! Some of the things she buys from Goodwill! Goodwill! For cheap! That's where I leave the stuff I want. I don't go back for more! But I took the challenge and went shopping at Goodwill for the first time ever! I was so afraid I would see stuff I owned but I didn't. My stuff was good stuff that someone wanted! Woohoo! Anyways I ventured around GW looking for some stuff to decorate my house with.

Here was my Thrifty Decor Chick inspired purchase. It's a frame that's deep like a shadow box but isn't. It was a grueseome gold color and in great condition. I purchased a $1 + change can of black spray paint from Walmart and finished it off. It's now hanging in my bedroom over my nightstand. So pretty! There is other stuff on the wall but I wanted to show it up close. Total purchase for frame was $4.

Then lo and behold at Target I found these beauties. I love black, scrolly things! If you've seen my house you might remember the huge black, metal, scrolly piece I have over the fireplace. I spotted these in the candle aisle at Target and they called out to me. Yet there was one problem. They had metal candle votive holders sticking out from them. No problem! I took them home and made Korey borrow the neighbor's saw so he could saw off the metal candle holder piece and voila! They got a little scratched up when he sawed them but thankfully I still had some black spray paint left so I touched them up. I now have 3 cool black metal wall decorations. These are now in the living room. The 3 candle votives that came in the box are now in the pic above! Total purchase for black scrolly pieces was $15! Which means I only spent $20 for these two pieces including the spray paint.

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Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Awesome! Spray paint is incredible, seriously.