Thursday, December 31, 2009

Regina's Asian Themed Lingerie Shower

December was a pretty packed month for me and that didn't even include any holiday parties which I had to miss out on. For three weekends in a row I first hosted a lingerie shower, then a baby shower, and then I was a bridesmaid in a wedding. And then Christmas came! I'm worn out!

I helped to host my friend Regina's lingerie shower with my friend Janai. Since Regina and I both spent time in China I went with an Asian theme. By the way don't ever google "Asian lingerie shower." The results are scary!

Korey drew this for me below. It is a game we played where each girl was blindfolded and had to pin a heart on what we dubbed "Lord Byron" so he could be kissed. And I'll just leave the rest unsaid!

This is our bride-to-be, Regina.
Don't you love the Christmas decorations mixed in with the lingerie stuff! Yet again, Korey was my hero when it came to decorations. He created the name banner over the mantel.

And of course the underwear line mixed in with the chinese lanterns.
Luckily, I had just received a handmade tipao (pronounced chee-pow) in the mail from one of my Chinese friends who lives in China of course! It was beautiful and a perfect outfit for the day. What you can't see are the little tiny knots that slipped through little loops on the outside of the dress that Korey had to fasten for me. It was definitely a chore to get on but so pretty and my favorite color!
This is me, Regina, and Janai a fellow bridesmaid.

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