Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Over the weekend we watched Bolt because it's animated and I always try to throw a movie like this into our queue for my hubby the illustrator. Unfortunately I wasn't thinking about our dogs and how they would react to all the dog barking in the movie. Here's what happened during the movie:

Applesauce because it's yum

Since the weather is turning I'm craving fall-ish foods. I decided to make applesauce from scratch because my apples were getting ignored and I'm still a kid at heart when it comes to applesauce. But not for jello. Ick jello!

Applesauce from scratch:

4 apples (I used 3 and this is all it made!)
3/4 cup water
1/4 cup sugar (use Splenda if you want to save calories....could even use brown sugar!)
cinnamon at your own discretion

Chop up apples minus the core. I didn't skin mine because I was lazy. Add in everything else and let it boil for 15-20 minutes and then toss it in a blender or food processor and it's done!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Caramel Pecan Brownies - The Condensed Version

Grab your favorite brownie recipe or mix and get to mixing! Mine is done on the stove because it's super-fudgy!

Melt one bag of caramels with 1/3 cup of evaporated milk in the microwave. Don't burn it!

Chop up some pecans...as many as you want. I wished I had done more.

Pour HALF of the brownie mix into the pan and bake for HALF the time you need to. Once you remove it from the oven (you don't need to wait for it to cool) pour the caramel liquidy goodness over the bottom half and sprinkle with pecans. Then take the remaining HALF of the brownie mix and plop it, yes I said plop it, over the caramel pecan layer. It will look clumpy but will spread when baked. Bake for the remaining HALF of the time needed. Remove from the oven and let them cool and voila! You have gooey caramel pecan brownies. I tested these out on my coworkers and they were a hit. Dee-lish!

Taco Man

Many of you who have kids post pics of your child/children eating and/or playing with their food. Here's what happens at my house.


Last week Korey and I celebrated the completion of one of his art projects. I realized after our celebration that we are now growing a small collection of cups. I asked the counter girl when we were there if they had a thing where if you brought back in your cup you could get a free drink. Hey, I like to recycle! Don't you remember the Mazzio's days when you would take your cups into the restaurant?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Heart Her

Check out this blog and the fabulous decorating ideas she comes up with on a BUDGET!! Just go and look at her laundry room pics. Can I just say her laundry room is so inviting I could sit in there and read a book? Yes, in the laundry room!

I'm inspired!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

In only one month...

They forgot the sweat-drenched shirt...

I lost an inch off of waist and an inch in "other" places in only one month thanks to Boot Camp. This is by far the most I've ever been pushed in a workout. Going to the gym seems easy compared to this. I'm excited that I can tell my stamina is getting better. And I don't always have to cheat and do girl push-ups. Woohoo! I might be on my way to Michelle Obama arms and a flatter stomach. Yeah! I think I just might have to sign up again. The amazing thing is that on the days I have BC I am extrememly energized and in a good mood all day. Go figure!