Thursday, December 31, 2009

Regina's Wedding

Here we are at my third event of the month! I guess Korey didn't take any pics during the ceremony because all we have is pics from the reception. Here's the two of us.

Me, Regina, and Janai. She got married at Prestonwood BC so this Christmas tree was in the lobby/reception area.

Me and Janai

Congrats Regina!

Miss Corey's Bunny Themed Baby Shower

The weekend after the lingerie shower, Korey, me and my parents traveled to Houston where I was a hostess for our sister-in-law's baby shower. It was held at the Junior League in Houston. Korey and my dad went to see a movie while my mom and I had some awesome mother/daughter time at the shower. I don't have too many pics because my memory card was getting full. Someone else took pics of me with my mom and mother-in-law which I don't have.

By the way my sis-in-law is named Corey so to keep her straight from my Korey and my bro-in-law Cory we call her Miss Corey. Yes, that is 3 of them.

This is the invitation that Korey designed for the shower. We modeled it after the bedding she chose and kept it very simple because she doesn't like frou-frou! Everything but the text is what he drew. Invitations were my only hostess duty so I got off easy since Korey did most of the work! (OK well I told him how to draw this out based on what I pictured in my head and he made it come to life! That was work!)

Here is Miss Corey with her mom.

The menu with our food choices.

Korey's mom gave the invitation to the cake lady so she could know how to design the cake.

Her diaper cake, not made by me :(. The baby's name is Brandon.

Miss Corey and all of her loot, er I mean Brandon's.

And finally, Miss Corey had asked Korey to design letters for Brandon's name so she could hang them on the wall in his room. Again, we tried to model these to go along with her bedding which is the Bunny Meadow theme from Babies R Us. And when I say "we" that means I played Art Director and Korey drew it out. She loved these!
Here is the finished product hanging on the wall in the nursery.

Baby Brandon should be here mid-January!

Regina's Asian Themed Lingerie Shower

December was a pretty packed month for me and that didn't even include any holiday parties which I had to miss out on. For three weekends in a row I first hosted a lingerie shower, then a baby shower, and then I was a bridesmaid in a wedding. And then Christmas came! I'm worn out!

I helped to host my friend Regina's lingerie shower with my friend Janai. Since Regina and I both spent time in China I went with an Asian theme. By the way don't ever google "Asian lingerie shower." The results are scary!

Korey drew this for me below. It is a game we played where each girl was blindfolded and had to pin a heart on what we dubbed "Lord Byron" so he could be kissed. And I'll just leave the rest unsaid!

This is our bride-to-be, Regina.
Don't you love the Christmas decorations mixed in with the lingerie stuff! Yet again, Korey was my hero when it came to decorations. He created the name banner over the mantel.

And of course the underwear line mixed in with the chinese lanterns.
Luckily, I had just received a handmade tipao (pronounced chee-pow) in the mail from one of my Chinese friends who lives in China of course! It was beautiful and a perfect outfit for the day. What you can't see are the little tiny knots that slipped through little loops on the outside of the dress that Korey had to fasten for me. It was definitely a chore to get on but so pretty and my favorite color!
This is me, Regina, and Janai a fellow bridesmaid.

Pioneer Woman

In early December Korey and I ventured off to Dallas to meet Pioneer Woman. Who is she? Well she lives in OK, is married to a cattle rancher, homeschools her kids, and somewho finds time to cook amazing stuff and blog about cooking, photography, and life on the ranch in addition to writing a cookbook (which includes step by step instructions with photos). She's hilarious and her blog is a worthy read and has some awesome photos. We were hoping to get the cookbook that she just published signed by her but unfortunately there were 500 other ladies who had the same idea and it just wasn't meant to happen that night. Here we are waiting for our group to be called.

And here she is (not signing my book!). She's so pretty!
P.S. For those of you who like romance novels she wrote out how she met her husband and how they got married on her blog. Her nickname for him is Marlboro Man!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vacation Pics

Korey and I ventured off to Colorado in November for our 1 year anniversary trip. We stayed outside of Denver for a few days with my friend Amy and then we headed to Estes Park where we stayed in a lodge/cabin place that was awesome. Here are some of the pics in random order...

This is Evanne and Darren. Darren is a friend of Korey's. They grew up together as kids and they recently moved to Ft. Collins which is north of Estes Park. They drove down to our cabin and had dinner with us one night.

This is one of the trophy elk that came on the property every day. This guy was eating out of the bird feeder in front of the office.
This is another one on our back porch eating out of our bird feeder. You can see how close Korey is.
Here I am on one of our hiking excursions in Estes Park.

Korey making a bear paw print in the snow on a hike.

The two of us on stopping for a scenic photo on one of our hikes.

This pic is of the pizza we ate at Beau Jo's somewhere in between Denver and Breckenridge. This was our post-skiing dinner. This is my friend Amy.

Note the outside temp on Amy's car! This was when we were driving back from Breckenridge where we skiied for the day.
Me and Amy on the slopes of Breckenridge.
Me and Korey taking a break halfway down the slopes.
Amy's front yard. It's so pretty!
Her front yard again when it was snowing.

Me and Korey somewhere on a mountain in Boulder.
Shopping in Breckenridge and Korey rejoicing in the snow.
Me and Amy in Boulder.

This was on our drive to Colorado. We found a rainbow in New Mexico. It was huge!

We stopped outside of Amarillo on our way to Colorado at Cadillac Ranch. It's a bunch of spray painted cars buried in the ground.
Posing in front of one of the cars.