Sunday, February 21, 2010


We spent Valentine's weekend in Austin to see a friend of Korey's who had a baby in Oct. Here was my date for the weekend. He inadvertently scratched himself across the face and looked like he just needed a patch over his eye to complete the pirate look. We are sitting at the counter of the Magnolia Cafe to eat lunch in downtown Austin.

Here I am getting ready for our dinner double date. Korey stole my camera...
and he made me pose for pictures. P.S. I found this shirt at a consignment shop in the maternity section for only $3 and change!!

I am officially 17 weeks here in these pictures and I feel like I'm looking so big!

Here I am with the hubby at the Clay Pit in downtown Austin. Love the tandoori chicken and naan!

Here are Esme (short for Esmerelda) and Javier. Javier and Korey grew up together and Javier was a groomsman in our wedding. Esme is always laughing so she's always fun to be around.

After dinner they took us to a place somewhere in a shopping center in Austin called Viva Chocolato. We sat outside because there was a guy singing opera inside and the place was small so it was LOUD. They sell lots of truffles and they average $3 each! Crazy for a tiny piece of chocolate.

Here is Javier and Esme splitting a dessert. Korey and I got one and it was so moist and chocolatey!

Here is baby Carolina with her daddy and Korey. Can you tell she has her dad's hair?

On our way home from Austin we stopped in Cedar Hill to see my old college roommates because my friend Jayme had driven in with her family from Bryan. So the three of us got to reunite for a couple of hours.
Here is Jayme, her husband Israel, and Carleigh.

My other roommate Jennifer and her husband Glen.

The three of us! We all went to high school together and both of these girls talked me into going to A&M since they were already going. I don't regret it at all!

I'm sure we were laughing at one of the guys in this picture.

Funny, but I don't remember doing this but it's the Aggie thing to do when you're a senior. Ooohh baby bump is showing. Am I really going to get bigger? Yikes.

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