Sunday, February 7, 2010

For my Sister

Once upon a time my sister lived with me and shared custody of two dogs, Camo (girl) and Harley (boy). But then she got married and her visitation has waned. And the dogs have missed her. So she told me to post pics of them cause she misses them. Awwww.... She now has her own dog to help take care of. When Korey moved in I could slowly see my favor with them waning. Maybe it's because he gives them more treats than I do. Or maybe it's because I'm the one who taught them/broke them of getting on the couches. He wasn't home yet when this happened. Maybe they secretly resent me for the fact that they are no longer allowed to climb on the couch and fall asleep next to us. As I type this I am sitting on the floor and Harley's head is in my lap and he is snoring. My compromise for him not getting on the couch.

Here they are doing what they do best. Camo is on the left and Harley is on the right. Harley always initiates tug of war with his sister. (They are from the same litter, same breed but yet their colors are remarkably different. That's just part of their Lacy breed.)

For once they are sharing a dog pillow. They prefer this other dog bed they had when they were puppies which they steal from each other when it's been left empty by one but for for once they are sharing space together.

Our guard dogs! P.S. That's a curtain rod in the background. Stay tuned for that post.

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