Sunday, January 31, 2010

ELFA to the Rescue

In an effort to get organized before Baby Scott arrives, we had to completely empty out our guest bedroom closet and clean it out of all my MK products and the temporary air mattress we had set up after my sister moved out so that we could have this room for the baby. In order to make the baby's room and closet completely empty we had to combine two closets into one and move everything to the back bedroom closet. Whew! It has been a month-long or more process and I'm still not completely done. I say I'm not done because I still have a few piles/projects I need to tackle.

This is the before...which is only the contents of ONE closet. Yes, here is our mess for all the world to see. This is the room that holds Korey's BIG art desk, my desk, a bookshelf, and two dog crates. You can't even see the dog crates in the back right corner because we covered them up! And our poor dogs kept trying to paw their way back to them. They were so confused. Part of cleaning out this closet included me having to tackle a long-ignored box of photos that had never been put in albums. This took forever! Like several weekends.

We decided to install ELFA because it seemed practical and it was on sale! I never would have considered it but in the end we went for it and I'm glad we did. We even considered pieces of furniture to just place in the closet but decided our stuff probably wouldn't just fit. And the great thing about the ELFA is that we can take it with us if we move (to a bigger house that has a bigger kitchen and awesome floors!)

Here is Korey doing paint touchoups after he knocked down a closet wooden shelf thingy with a clothes bar attached. We didn't know how to get this down because the nails were hidden but thanks to Google I found a video online and voila it was done! Korey's grandfather was an architect so, that combined with the artist skills in his blood, made for his meticulous design of the closet. To the point where I didn't care where the shelves went as long as I had a place to put everything! And part of his meticulous design process included me moving almost all of the contents out so he could visualize what the design should look like. I gave him painter's tape and he marked off where the shelves would go (my idea!). This is part of being married to an artist!
And here is the after! This is our back wall. This wall still needs more organizing on the shelves but there is absolutely nothing on the floor to inhibit you from walking into the closet. Awesome!

The right wall has the original shelving which Korey meticulously stacked with our stuff.

Here is the wall to the left. The dogs now have their own shelf to hold food, treats, etc. We even have four drawers below that shelf.

That is the long explanation of our closet makeover and I'm glad it's done...well almost!

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