Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Scott Pics

Korey and I went for a sequential screen sono today so the Dr. could tell us if we were at risk for Down's. He said so far so good but the blood tests will tell us more. I DO NOT enjoy being stuck with a needle, especially 3 TIMES!! The nurse tried both arms (apparently I have deep veins) and ended up having to get it from my hand. I am wounded and sore!

But here are the pics of our little lime. He/she is about 3 inches. The Dr. had me cough and we got to see the baby move! Too fun. Heartbeat was great, too.

Korey confiscated the sono pic and put his mad illustrator skills to work. I have no responsibility for the pics below!
He also did one for a boy version of this girl one's the same thing just in blue. Korey has a drumset in our closet that he's wanting our baby to learn to play. Help me!

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