Monday, January 25, 2010

What's for Dinner

I would post pics but my camera card is full and I have yet to clean it off. But I will post some links to what's on our dinner menu for this week. The pregnant lady can eat again! Now if I could just not be so tired...

Tonight we had Broiled Tilapia Parmesan with cream cheese corn (this is too evil to share but I did use lowfat cream cheese) and popovers. I was watching Melissa D'Arabian on the Food Network and she made popovers which are light rolls without the yeast. Here is her recipe for popovers. I've never made them before and when you cut them open they are basically middle-less (kind of empty inside) but still good and very easy! As for the fish it is one of Korey's favorites and the only kind I've made since we've been married. I can also make baked fish but I've gotten stuck on this one.

I love eating tortilla soup in restaurants and I found this recipe and I was hooked. It makes alot and it's also husband approved. I don't do the tortilla strips on top because I cheat and use chips.
Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

Also, if anyone wants homemade authentic fajitas go to the La Supero Uno (I think that's what it's called) in the same shopping center as the Mrs. Bairds outlet on Hwy 5. Go to the meat counter in the back and get the fajita marinada (already marinated fajita meat). They also have chicken, too. This is about $4+/lb and cooks up in less than ten minutes on your grill. Don't be scared about the meat counter just focus on the signs and the guy who will hand you the meat (they speak English thankfully!) and don't be scared by all the raw meat behind the glass. My overseas experience prepared me for this! But before you leave with the meat you have to get their homemade tortillas. They have corn and flour on a little rack on the inside to the right of the front doors. Their homemade tortilla chips are great too and perfect for holding up for nachos and for having with your tortilla soup because they don't absorb the liquid that fast so they stay crunchy! And avocadoes! Don't forget the avocadoes! They are always ripe and ready to be eaten. I have become accustomed to only buying my avocadoes here because the ones at the regular grocery stores are always as hard as a rock.

Happy Eating.

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The White Family said...

Thanks for the info on the grocery store. I am going to try to go this week!!!