Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well...we are down but not out. A week and a half ago (on a Saturday) I noticed a scratchy feeling in my throat but tried to tell myself it was because of something I'd eaten. By Sunday I was getting stuffy and by that afternoon Hunter was running a fever which meant we were both sick. Sunday night was the worst ever. I was stuffy and couldn't breathe and poor Hunter was congested so we kept having to suction his nose in the middle of the night just to help him out which meant that irritated him plus the fact he didn't feel good. He cried and cried. None of us got any sleep. We had him sleep in our room just so we could check on him. That is the worst feeling to know your child is sick and there is nothing you can do for them except hold them. I'm sure the nurses at our dr's office were tired of hearing from me. By Monday the fever was gone but he was still congested so Korey ran to BRU to buy a humidifier. That helped us sleep somewhat better. On Wed night I noticed Hunter had a barking cough so I read that was probably croup. When I took him to the dr she said he did have croup and a slight ear infection. Great. Naive me thought that since I was breastfeeding him he wouldn't get sick. It's been over a week and he is still getting over it and whenever he coughs sometimes he chokes so we have to whack him on the back so he'll catch his breath. Whenever he coughs in the middle of the night our feet hit the ground so we can check on him to make sure he's not choking. Day 11 and I'm ready for this to be over!

Also, it wasn't but two weeks ago that we were at the dr because whenever he would nurse he would pull away from me and cry which he's never done before. After two days of that I called the nurse and she said to bring him in. The Diagnosis? Mr. Personality. Yep, that's right. No ear infection, no teeth, no sickness whatsoever. He is just showing his personality she said. Gee thanks. I wanted a reason! Then of course he got sick so he hasn't wanted to nurse much so we've been doing all we can just to keep this child fed! It got to the point where I contemplated letting him stop nursing because maybe he was weaning himself. I think he's figured out that he gets his milk faster from the bottle (since we've had to supplement him from the first month) than from me. The little man doesn't want to work for it! Aaagghhh. Finally, finally, he slowly started to nurse again. I'm so glad because I wasn't ready to stop. And even though he is better but not 100% it is still sometimes a challenge for him to nurse because of his stuffy nose. I do have one pic I took during this's of Korey reading to him while he's propped up in our bed. I will post it soon.

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