Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buddha Belly

My aunt and uncle came to visit so they could finally meet Hunter. This is the only pic I have of her and it's the back of her head! She and my mom went outside to talk and she took Hunter with her and sat and rocked him and lightly patted him on the back. He was out cold! The pic is grainy because I took it through the window. We need Aunt Shirley for naptimes!

What can I say...this baby is growing a buddha belly. He's just chilling on the couch with me.

Korey decided to teach Hunter how to box. They are practicing their moves.

Hunter is almost 4 months old and I noticed a week ago that he was busting out of his 3 month size clothes length-wise. Soooo...we are moving up this baby to 6 month clothing! They are still big in the waist but he needs it because he's looonnggg. And he has found his hand which he chews on constantly. Makes me wonder if he's teething because he drools constantly. My Hunter is a baby no more! :(

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