Sunday, October 31, 2010

Korey's Bday

**Note - Pretend these pics are in order as a result of trying to blog and hold a baby in one arm!

In the middle of October we celebrated Korey's bday. Forgive the cake writing...I wasn't sure how it would look once I did it. But the cake itself was yummy and yes I made it! It was chocolate cake with mocha flavored filling. (It's the curse of being Type A).

Korey is opening his gifts while my dad is playing with Hunter.

Hunter is getting one on one time with his grandpa.
For two years I've been pestering Korey to find his diploma because I wanted to get it framed. His mom thought she might have it at her house in Houston but she didn't. Finally, just a few months ago, he was cleaning out an art portfolio and found it there. So I snuck it out one day and had it framed for his bday. Now it can join the wall of diplomas in our house! I think he likes the diploma better now that it's framed but for years he downplayed its importance. It's a college diploma so it's a big deal!
I just realized I didn't upload any other pics for this post. The rest were of Korey opening his gifts. Clothes...exciting!

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