Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Surprise Visit to Grandma

In September we decided to take a quick road trip to Houston to surprise Korey's mom for her birthday. We were told that she had just been saying she needed to go see Hunter and lo and behold we walked in!

Pretend these pics are in order!

Here is Korey and his brother with their babies!
Hunter and his cousin Brandon chillin'.
Hunter giving his Uncle Kevin the eye.

Rock on Uncle Kevin!

We borrowed Brandon's bumbo to test it out.

I let Hunter have some tummy time.

A picture says a thousand words. This picture says don't ever try to poke holes in a pork roast with a knife so the marinade will soak in. Because you will miss. And stab your finger. And have to get surgery. And all of these bandages are for that one finger.

Aunt Corey playing with Brandon. Brandon and Hunter are about 6 months apart.
And finally Korey's mom is holding her sweet grandbaby!

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