Friday, September 17, 2010

Blessings: Vinyl Lettering Photo Wall

So you remember that blank wall I have in my living room that I vowed to do something with? Well, the time has come!

I love, love Uppercase Living stuff (vinyl expressions) even though I have never bought anything for the house. I am on an email list for a rep and right before Hunter arrived I got an email from a rep saying there was a sale on discontinued expressions. A sale!! I have been wanting to turn the wall into a family picture wall (I hope that's not out of fashion!) and wanted a vinyl expression to summarize the wall. I had been looking at ones that said something Family related but then I found this and knew it was the one! Better yet it was on sale! I think it was only about $15.

It arrived right after Hunter was born and then I had to wait for us to get his newborn photos and for those to arrive. Finally, I have the beginnings of my family picture wall! I was going to place 8x10's on either side but one of the frames was hanging funky so that's why I have zoomed in on the one you can't see the rest of the blank wall space. I love it!

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