Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hunter's Newest Tricks

Last Saturday we were invited to dinner at a friend's house for taco night. We decided to bring guacamole which is one of Korey's favorite foods. It prompts an automatic "I love you" whenever he sees I've bought avocadoes. Conditional love! He had Hunter help him make it. He looks like he is about to dive in.

Korey knows how to play the drums and I, unfortunately, (or fortunately!) have never gotten to hear him because we don't have room in our house for his drum set. But our friends had one and he drummed away and Hunter helped.

I don't think Hunter is too thrilled with this.

He has such a cute smile! For whatever reason I started making an "O" sound and singing it to him a couple of weeks ago. Now he can listen and copy it. We have video of him saying it back to us. It's so cute and makes my day.

At dinner time we put him in the swing so we can eat but he ends up fussing and one of us usually ends up holding him and trying to eat at the same time. We are figuring out his personality which is that he likes to see what's going on and doesn't like to be left alone. Two days ago we pulled out our space saver seat (because I found out it reclines!) that we opted for instead of a high chair and he loves it! Now he can sit at the table with us and see what's going on and he's very happy. Now if we can just keep him from putting his feet on the table!

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Amanda said...

oh I know isn't it funny how they put their feet on the table?! I keep Kellis scooted back, I'm afraid he's gonna tip over! So cute! Yay for high chairs!! Don't you love it?!