Monday, June 20, 2011

11 Months

Hunter turned 11 months on Father's Day. That afternoon we went swimming at Grandma's house. Here he is chilling in the pool with his bottle and his daddy.

He crawls, he cruises, he's on his tippy toes trying to reach things and sometimes he gives me an attitude when I tell him no. If I catch him touching the fireplace and move his hand away he yanks it away from me and says "Eh." You know, the attitude sound. Oh help us! I think we're going to skip 3rd stage foods all together because he'll eat whatever we're eating off our plates and sometimes refuses to eat what's on a baby spoon. He loves pasta! Recently he got to experience his first cupcake from The Cake Stand! He loved every bit we gave him...which was just a small bite since those cupcakes are so big. Korey gladly ate the rest of it.

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