Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hunter's 1st Birthday!

Hunter and I spent the week before his birthday both sick. Me with a cold and he with a stomach bug. Then the week of his birthday I got the stomach bug. His birthday was on a Tuesday and the day before I'd stayed home in bed all day sick. So this particular Tuesday, the day of his birthday, I had wanted to have a celebratory breakfast of pancakes or donuts or something. Not happening. It's just so miserable to be sick when you want to celebrate such a huge milestone. And to be sick two weeks in a row. Ugh.

The morning of his birthday Hunter crawled into the kitchen to find a toy I had set out for him.

Korey made this banner after I pestered him for weeks about having all the perfect birthday decorations. :) The monkey face on the end he designed and that's what became the theme of his birthday party. That's another post.

Here's Hunter getting ready for breakfast.

My birthday boy all dressed! Thanks go out to Aunt Kristin for the shirt.

We took him to Chick Filet for dinner where he got to try french fries and chicken strips. Which were really mine but who wants to eat when you've been sick?

Then Korey took him for a ride in the high chair around the restaurant. For some reason, we really love their high chairs. I looked one up online but they are too expensive for us.

After dinner we headed over to Grandma's house to open some presents.

He got this cool set of cars which you can pull back and release them and they will speed across the floor.

And he got a set of stacking cups which he LOVES.

Then Grandma and Korey decided to race the cars on the kitchen floor.

Then we celebrated with cupcakes from The Cake Stand. Seriously delish. You get this huge cupcake for only about $3 and change. Two people can share it. And they have filling!

Hunter loved it and had no problems digging in.

My baby then...sigh.

And my baby now.

P.S. He still lets me rock him every night and sing to him before he goes to sleep. I'm so thankful for that.

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